Sally Pettus

Artist Statement

I work in many media: oil, pastel, graphite, collage, faux finish, gilding, and bronze. Since the mid 70’s, my art has focused primarily on images depicting the natural world. It is clear that I do not follow any one idea, making the artistic totality of the work difficult to pin down. In 2000, I discovered the challenges of bronze sculpture, and have continued to find its properties well suited to this way of seeing. Change, for me, keeps my subjects alive.

Sally Pettus sculptures series

New Bronze Series 2021

“Recently I have come back to my Leaves and Stumps: smaller bronzes than I have done in the past. I find that we can easily pick up these little sculptures, find their expressions, and possibly imagine their world.

As I look at my works over time, I realize that many series speak of their own odd personality. It’s as if part of my imagination can only transfer my fantasies To Nature and Animals (including Humans). It all started with the very small nutty critters (see some of them here) I made in 2000. Since then, many works here have a large sense of humor. They are fun to make!”

Sally Pettus commission Odyssey gallery

Recent Installation
“Odyssey” | 2017 Bronze Sculpture

A large bronze commission depicting an imaginary Leaf, installed in a gorgeous Connecticut garden. The title “Odyssey” is because Odysseus was the imaginary driving force in its creation.

Sculpture 72” base 36” | private collection

Sally Pettus sculptures series


Quantum Leaf: A bronze fountain commissioned for the RiverWalk Project in Downtown Des Moines. Another imaginary Leaf of huge proportions; as if it had fallen into this pond in the Fall, and will be regenerated every Spring.
Other bronze sculptures include my idiosyncratic versions of Leaves, Trees,Tree Bark with gold leaf, and Strange Animals.

Sally Pettus recent paintings series

Recent Paintings

Surreal landscapes with vegetables
Still Lifes of vegetables and fruits
Close-up moments in the landscape titled
“Encounters in the Natural World”

“Which Way Out?”. Oil on board, 16”x16”

Sally Pettus drawing series


Large Anthropomorphic Leaf Drawings

"DreamLeaf Series #4".